Hellirinn Metalfest

Hellirinn Metalfest is a project started by ReykjaDoom where the goal of the show is to have a free metal event for all ages. We aim to bring a diverse lineup of young bands with a cherry picked lineup of some of the best bands from the scene, new and old.
The venue TÞM is an old staple in the music scene where all the organizers had their first experience in local and foreign metal music. TÞM / Tónlistarþróunarmiðstöðin at Grandi has for 20 years or since 2003 provided rehearsal rooms for musicians from all styles and the concert hall Hellirinn has seen its share headbanging over the years where some of the now legendary bands of the scene first cut their teeth.

For a few years the concerts in Hellirinn slowed down to a halt but recently the venue upgraded to a new soundsystem, better stage and equipment.
We felt like the younger generation today should have access to its healthy dose of live metal music!