What's the venue for ReykjaDoom 2024?

- Like our previous festival, Doomcember: Gaukurinn, downtown Reykjavík, will be the home for ReykjaDoom. The main venue of Reykjavík when it comes to rock and metal events. The place opens at 17:00, there is a designated smoking area, toilets are gender neutral and it has a zero violence policy. More info from Gaukurinn below on this page.


Gaukurinn is on the second floor of its building. How is wheelchair accessibility?

Unfortunately there is no elevator in Gaukurinn, which is located on the 2nd floor. Luckily, the stairs are wide, which make manoeuvring chairs easier, with some help.


Is alcohol and food sold at the concert arena?

- Alcohol is sold but not food. There are plenty of restaurants and fast food places nearby.


Are there covid restrictions in Iceland?
- No but check with your national laws regarding requirements for leaving the country.


Is there a way to buy tickets elsewhere than on the ticket website? (Requires ID on your phone.)
- Send a mail to Reykjadoombooking@gmail.com, we can figure it out.


Can you use cards to buy merchandise?

- Yes, cash and transfer also works.

Is it ok to bring a camera to the venue?
- Yes but keep the audience, and other photographers, in mind when you are shooting. No flash and preferably only pictures for the first 10 min of a performance, to make sure that the artist can deliver a good show and not to disturb guests enjoying the bands.

What happened to Doomcember?
- We have changed the name of the festival to be able to move the dates from December, as otherwise people would think it's always held during that time.
ReykjaDoom goes straight to the point, Doom in Reykjavík City.

Location & Venue

The festival is held at Gaukurinn, downtown Reykjavík, which has served as the core of the Icelandic scene for the last years. The place is known for its friendly atmosphere and various acts performed there.
With enough amps, massive drums and then turning it up to 11, the place upholds an oppressive sonic attack on your ears and state of being.


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